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#4316957 May 04, 2011 at 04:32 PM
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Here are the details on the server merge for another of Sony Online Entertainment's MMOs, Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. The following outline should give us an idea of what they might have in mind for DCUO:


- There will be 2 US PVE, 1 EU PVE, and 1 US PVP server.
- Thunderaxe, Woefeather, and Gulgrethor into Server A PVE
- Targonor, Hilsbury, and Shidreth merges into Server B PVE
- Tharridon, Varking, and Frengrot merges into Server C PVP FFA
- Gelenia and Infineum merges into Server D EU PVE

For Florendyl we will be soliciting feedback via a poll and discussion as to whether or not the players think it should be merged. We are open to considering the option of leaving it up with the understanding that the population is way under what it needs to be to be healthy but we wouldn’t recommend it.

All existing servers will go away and everyone will be moved to new servers. We will post a poll so you can vote on the new server names.

- PVP players will be able to move to PVP OR PVE servers.
- PVE players will only be able to move to PVE servers.
- PVP rule set will be FFA.

Characters that have not chosen a server will be moved based on popularity of servers.

- US characters moved this way will be on a US server.
- EU players moved will be on an EU server.
- PVP players will be moved to the new PVP server.
- Each character will get one free server move after the merge.

Character Naming

Characters name priority is based on First created.
If also played within the last 30 days on Last Played.

Those characters that have name collisions will be marked, and upon next login will have to choose a new name before that character can log in.


- Price for the player’s plot is refunded to the player in coin.
- Resources used to generate the house are refunded to the player.
- Current upkeep balance will be refunded to the character
- Fixtures and items in the house will be placed in the escrow.


- Boats will be marked as needing to be named.

Corpses left in the world

- All corpses will go away.
- Any items left on corpses will go to your escrow account.
- Exp on the corpse will be returned to you.


- Any pending mail will be returned to sender.

Market Items

- Items in the market will be returned via mail.

One to Two weeks prior to the consolidation, players will be able to type a slash command (MOVESERVER) that will select what server they want that character to reside on.

Other details such as the handling guild names, have not yet been made public.
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