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Jerusalem UFO

At around 1:00 am on January 1st 2011, a young man named Eligael was visiting the promenade of Armon Hantziv. He and another man (in the video foreground) witnessed a ufo hovering over a section of Jerusalem referred to as "Old City", more specifically the Dome of the Rock, Temple Mount. This video from his camera was the 1st to be made public, and is widely referred to as Video 1:

The man in the foreground was also taping the events using his cell phone. That is the following footage, and commonly referred to as Video 2:

Video 3 is famously known as a hoax and a bad one at that, so we won't waste time on it here.

The following clip however is often referred to as the 4th video, only because of the order in which they were made public. It starts off with some friends in a car. One of the males appears to not feel well and stumbles away. They exit the vehicle to follow him, and then see the UFO:

Here is yet another video of the same event, shot from a back patio:

A side by side comparison (available in HD) of the 2 original clips released:

Many consider this a notable location for such a sighting. One is reminded of the Biblical story about the three Wise Men (or Kings), who were said to have followed a brilliant star to a manger in Bethlehem.
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