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New to DCUO and the Healing Role.

Any hints, links or suggestion are much appreciated
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I am happy to answer that for you friend. We also have a number of fine healers that will likely chime in. My healing is based on Sorcery, and although many of the powers therein read quite well, how they perform in battle is another thing altogether. Your basic powers will likely be:

Circle of Protection

  • This power casts a large reddish circle on the ground. Allies standing on it receive a heal over time. It is most commonly used where there is a single target involved. For bosses, its ideal.

Conjure Soul Well

  • This summons an object that heals allies within range. The ammount of healing is based on the number of souls (kills) happening in its vicinity. So for multiple targets, or large mobs trying to run you over, this is the one to use.

Boon of Souls

  • This power conjures a reddish shield around group members that are within range.


A few things to consider while using the above three:

Whereas healers often use Boon of Souls (spherical shields) immediately, you may find that throwing out a Soul Well first, is more beneficial. This is because after collecting enough souls (kills), the well grants the healer Red Soul Aura. Its easy to see, because a red mist floats around you. Under the effects of this buff, many of the spells within the Summoning power tree become more powerful:

Boon of Souls

  • If you conjure this (the reddish spherical shields) while Red Soul Aura is active, the shields protecting your group will also reflect damage back to their attackers.

Sacrificial Offering

  • This is truly a great heal over time power. The problem here is that it drains your personal health while replenishing others. However if you wait until your Red Soul Aura is active, you will lose no health while casting it.


The other buff you will see clearly looks like a golden mist and ring about you. It affects the spells cast from the Destiny power tree:


  • 1. This is your emergency insta-heal, but the amount of healing is relatively low, and it has an extremely fast cool-down. The result is a spell that when spammed can empty your energy bar quickly. However in an emergency, this is the one you' ll likely reach for.

  • 2. The spell actually grants Gold Soul Aura, which is notable because it increase your chances for critical healing by 10%.

  • 3. Although the visual effect you see depends entirely on which buff was most recently acquired, one should note that the buffs do stack throughout their respective durations.


When your team is getting a sound thrashing, and your controller is out of energy (which means you are as well), this is your (100% supercharge cost) super heal. Its channeled, so it can be interrupted, but you also cast a spell that blocks damage and impulses, so the interrupts are rare.

  • Its main benefit is that it is a massive heal that also recovers your team members energy.


My personal loadout from left to right consists of the following:

  • Rejuvinate
  • Boon of Souls
  • Soul Well
  • Circle of Protection
  • Sacrificial Offering
  • Transcendence


Of course you will want to pick up the innates under Iconic Powers that have to do with Healing. The three "musts" in this case are:

Empathetic Healing

  • Increases your Critical Healing Chance by 3%

Wisdom of Solomon

  • Delivers a permanent buff of +100 Vitalization which boosts your power pool, and speeds its regeneration rate.

Miracle Worker

  • Permanently gain 10% Critical Healing Magnitude


On the two bottom rows of all the weapons trees, you'll find additional innate buffs. These buffs stack, whether you have the weapon equipped or not. In fact you do not even need the weapon in your inventory to benefit from its effects. Among these you'll find two innates that are crucial:


  • Filling one of these will boost your Restoration by 45 points. This affects the amount of healing you do in general.

Critical Healing Magnitude

  • Filling one of these will increase the power of your critical heals by 12%


Well I guess that covers a good bit. Many healers have personal preferences that work well for them. The above is simply what has worked well form me in the past.

I hope someone finds this info useful.
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