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Before the first boss are numerous spawners that constantly spit out spider and rocket drones. They are marked with the yellow lightning symbol and only have about 500 health.

Shield Armors, found deeper inside the caverns, will shield their allies or themselves from damage and should be prioritized, otherwise fights will drag on for long.


A large spider drone designed to fend off invaders. Additional spider drones constantly enter the arena to aid it - one tank and damage dealer should be committed to killing these or they will overwhelm the raid.

These drones will attempt to incapacitate their targets with foam - players must move until the foam on their body disappears or they will be stunned and take heavy damage.

Phase One

  • The R.C.P. will begin by releasing mines and firing its machineguns. When enough health is lost, it will enter the next phase.

Phase Two

  • At 50% hp, the fight will enter phase two. In this phase there will be a new add type, Ambush Drones, which will perma-stun their target until interrupted. These need to be focused as incapacitating a tank or healer can easily wipe the raid.

Phase Three

  • After being brought down to about 10% health, the R.C.P. will activate a shield, making it invulnerable. To finish it off the raid must first destroy the newly spawned Flashbang Drones and throw the grenades they drop at the boss. Players should look for clear shots, as the flashbangs will detonate on the first hit and too many misses will cause the boss to enrage and wipe the raid.


Twin Tech Batmen. Throughout the fight, they will bombard the raid with area effect damage - players should beware the moving markers on the ground and actively dodge them.

Phase One

  • The sentinels will initially be vulnerable one at a time, each using different attacks. They will periodically trade places, the active one being vulnerable and the passive one circling the arena using AE attacks.

  • The blue sentinel will be up first. He is the more dangerous of the two. Those in melee should be wary of its Sonic Burst - if caught up in them it means near-certain K.O. This attack is telegraphed with a warning and the Lethal Attack marker (similarly to Mr. Freeze in Arkham) and has a relatively short range.

  • The red one (Sentinel C-CU) doesn't have any outstanding attacks, but the AE damage will be more concentrated - players should avoid the marked areas on the ground.

Phase Two

  • When one of the sentinels is brough down to 20% HP, the passive one will join the fight, forcing the raid to deal with them both at the same time, but will stop the AE bombardment. Raiders should focus on bringing down the weaker one first.


Robin, Batwoman, Huntress and Nightwing have brought in an EMP to release Brother Eye's hold on the security terminal. However, they are revealed to be infected with the OMAC virus and attack the raid.

Fight Mechanics

  • Each have their own styles and behaviour and are somewhat vulnerable to' knock-ups. Blocking their normal weapon combos will stun them (not unlike a PvP fight.) They will sometimes come to each others' aid, briefly shielding them from damage.

  • Once their HP is low enough, they will get enraged and will do more damage for the remainder of the fight. When one of the four is defeated, they will become inactive, warp to one corner and begin draining the EMP. After about 20 seconds, indicated by a progress bar behind them, they will revive with 20% HP and re-join the fight. To win, all four must be inactive at the same time and one player must quickly trigger the EMP in the center of the arena or they will get back up again.

General Strategy

  • A good strategy is to focus entirely on Batwoman - she deals the most damage and has a tendency to chase the healers. Once she is brought down, continue damaging the other three, re-focusing Batwoman when she revives. Tanks should focus on reducing incoming damage via well-timed blocks.

  • To properly get a time window to trigger the EMP, the tanks should gather the four in one spot after they have low hp (about 15-20%) and the raid should bombard them with AE damage to ensure they go down at roughly the same time. If it fails, wait for the incapacitated ones to revive and try again, otherwise they might get stuck in a loop of re-defeating one just as another revives.


Triggering the EMP within 15 seconds of it becoming available for the first time will earn the raid the "The Family That Shields Together" feat, worth 25 points.

To earn the exploration feat for the Outer Caverns, walk into the hallway that opens up after the Bat Family is defeated (the one holding the exit portal.)

This area holds 3 out of 9 green investigation tokens (for the Batcave raids as a whole) and 4 out of 4 blue briefing tokens (specific to the Outer Caverns raid). The remaining investigations are located in the Inner Sanctum.
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