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#4452558 Jun 03, 2011 at 01:24 PM
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Hey guys,if your looking to finish all your races in platinum get the feats and so on I can probably help you out,I done every race there is with platinum medals and have gotten every race feat.
Most the flight races are super easy and can be done with platinum from first try,only few hard once are located on pillars of Hades in Robinson park so you should probably leave em for last.
The last 2 feats require you to have no supersonic speed power purchased and to finish adept and expert races with platinum which is no easy task,but each feat is 50 points and well worth it,the places it can be done is Little Bohemia in metropolis has the easiest adept and expert races and with few tries those feats can be yours.If you having troubles ill be happy to come along and fly you thru em or any others :)
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