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Alright so I have done few of these with different groups to write up a little guide about it.

1).The beginning part of this alert makes you fight 4 of the Ra's best assassins they are very strong and a good balanced team here is the key,the red guy is the weakest to take down and the best strategy is to concentrate on him first,and then one of his most damaged buddies,they do solid amounts of damage and tank will need to block to survive as well as keep the bad guys occupied on him,from tanks I spoke with dominance same as in raids is the key,once we take them down there will be a cut-scene and Ra's will whine about his terrorist plot,then activate trap each player need to choose themselves a lever and stay by it activating it when it starts rolling that part is quick and simple.

2).Alright once the first part is done,the cave paths will lead in and along the way there will be panty of ambushes by invisible assassins who will pop out of nowhere and do ridiculous damage to you,so best is for tank to lead the way and healer stay in the back out of harms way,all and all if you beat down the first 4 boss assassins the mini guys wont be any trouble.

3).Now there will be 2 more bosses here before the final fight,they are each located in large cave openings,the bosses are dependent on who defeated first in the first part of the instance,from my experiences its usually Lying claw OR serpent claw. Lying claw is a yellow girl who is easy to take down and she will occasionally go back to the middle and summon a swarm of psy assassin adds,nothing to her shes real weak,Serpant claw is green guy he is just as easy to take down,but he does release gas once in a while that can do extreme damage if you don't roll out of it,so gas = bad :)

4).Between the 2 bosses there is a bridge like area with assassins training with there master,once they spotted you they will send them at you,they do huge ranged damage and they have a grab attack that will pull you from your spot all the way to the middle of em and you'll probably die,so if you block your good.They will send 2 waves of assassins and then master will comes if this part is too difficult to fight in the open,pulling them back to cave is another option.

5).Once all of that is down the main fight with Ra's is left,he is located at the last large cave and he does have 2 of the other assassins from the first room with him those will actually be the first 2 guys you defeated in first room of this instance,so burning claw and bolt claw they are not too tough,bolt claw will do stun attack that will send you flying and burning is pure dps.It seems easiest to attack the guy on the left first and its important not to separate on this fight cause they kill normal guys in just 3-4 hits and only tank can keep them busy,to win we need to take down his friends first,it has been known to happen for the assassins to resurrect and fight again,heck bolt claw resurrected twice on our last team,but it doesn't happen often,so if all according to plan his friends will be dead and alone his easy,one he goes down a cut scene and you see him turn into a shirtless muscular version of him self and attack you again.This is part 2 of the fight,his damage is much higher and he will most likely kill you if you don't block his charge attack,because he will knock you down and hit you till you die,but once tank got his attention just take him down and he will die,with a good team we won the whole fight in maybe 3 minuets if not less.

Okay so why do this instance

- It gives 4 marks of distinctions for winning it that's 1 per boss and 2 for ra's
- It has assassins style drops
- It has 77.9 weapon drops - blue
- It has 90.1 weapon drops - blue
- It has 97.1 weapon drops - purple ( got saber from ra's fight )
- It has BOX same as one in khandaq that gives you blue drop - 77.9 rifle and 77.9 staff is once I seen so far.

Oh and did I mention its the shortest alert ever?

It does have a feat to collect skeletons,there about 20 or so its only 10 points but easy to do.

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