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Quoting the book Online Game Development part of the series Game Development Essentials, authored by Rick Hall and Jeannie Novak:

  • "In the early 1990s, Mario Orsini founded Team Orbit - a group of artists, programmers and filmmakers. They gained notoriety by releasing their content through the internet, holding the number one download slot at FilePlanet for weeks at a time. Mario now directs Team Orbit in the cross-development of commercial games and films - providing technical support to Unreal Engine licensees. Its members have worked with Blizzard, Disney, EA, ICT, Epic Games, and Silicon Knights. Mario is now developing Orbit Wars, an IP that spans three feature films, a five-year episodic series, and a five-year MMOG. Until recently, Mario was the Executive Director of the Academy of Game Entertainment Technology (AGET). He is on the Board of Directors at Studio Arts, the famed academy for film effects. His personal skillsets include CAD engineering, audio engineering/mastering, film effects, compositing/post production, 3D modeling, animation, programming, level design, game design, sound design, and cross-platform production (video games and film). Mario Orsini is an established leader and a pioneer in the emerging field of cross-media development."

The same page also contains the following image (sans watermark):

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