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It is perhaps an understatement to say that TEAM ORBIT has been around for a long time. Initially we only had two members, Alan Manning (Proyet), and myself. When Epic Games released the landmark Unreal 1, we started to develop as an underground entity.

We would play games then change them to our liking, and release alternate versions for free on the internet. It is important to note that these all required a legitimate version of the original game to be previously installed. Team Orbit members like Ben Schmit (ProASM) from South Africa were threatened with law suits, and later offered jobs by the same companies, when they saw the shelf-life of their products increase as a result of our efforts.

That was the birth of what would later be dubbed the Mod Scene, an underground community with the power to sway the gaming industry, and we did. Many of our members were teenagers when we released a video that set download records at FilePlanet. They added additional servers to cover the load. The video we knocked out of the top spot, was the trailer for Microsoft's Halo.

Our following release was NeoCairo Beta 5 and we followed that up with a massive pack containing 80 quality multiplayer maps. The original game we were modifying (Unreal Tournament) had shipped with 20. Our release was featured on discs accompanying PC Zone Magazine. GameSpy dubbed us one of the teams of the year, and featured us in their annual Mod Week, which they still have published on their site today:

During those days ingame models were limited to a range of 700 to 1000 polygonal faces, depending on their intended use. We had to get the detail into the textures, and those too were quite small. Fortunately those limits crept up over time, and we were about to start using Direct-X.

Between the years of 2000 and 2005 we would often resurface a few days before each release to engage the community, this would create massive word of mouth and ensure crowded download centers. This earned us the dubious nickname of "Great White Shark of the Internet" due to our ability to come out of nowhere and gobble all the press.

In contrast, our members have always been chivalrous. Notice the same TEAM ORBIT environment, and quality of members in these former forums. Also note that gamers still sometimes go there, hoping we've resurfaced:

By this time I had relocated from our origin of Atlanta, Georgia to Hollywood, California. As some had hoped TEAM ORBIT resurfaced, on our own domain:

We've also played (as a guild) many games, from World of Warcraft, to Allods, and Perfect World International. At the guild site below, my screename is Stormbear, Uthor's is RequiemsBane, and Shinobi's is RedHand. We spent many thousands of dollars setting that up, and have it at the ready should our team need the environment.

Now we're starting to make our home here in DCUO, on the Brave New World Server. It is my earnest hope that after looking through our history, some will better understand why I feel that all of us here at Team Orbit, are rock stars.

Team Orbit for the win.
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