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This thread covers how a few things will be handled, like the changing of screenames and League names. It also details what they are now calling their "Mega Server Phasing Technology". Since this terminology was not previously announced to the press, we can assume this is what they were simply able to pull off with their replication code. Replication is what carries the details to your PC, showing you where everyone is standing, etc.

Recently we've noticed a bug that does not allow us to see all members in a party. We'd like to see this fixed first. The fact that its now being rolled out as a "feature" gives us cause for alarm. Regardless, here's their plan:

  • Will my character name be changed once MegaServers are implemented?

When the transition is complete, it’s possible that two players could have the same name. The system will use established criteria based on character age/account age/account status to determine which player will keep the original name. Players whose names are affected by such a collision will have their character name temporarily changed, by appending a mnemonic of their server name to it.. Example: PlayerName_NML (a player who was on No Mans Land). Affected players will also receive a free name change token via in-game email which will allow them to select a new available name of their choice.

  • What criteria are used to determine who gets to keep their name?

Our system takes a number of factors into consideration including Account Status (active or inactive) and the amount of play time of the character to determine who will keep the original name.

  • How does "phasing" actually work?

MegaServers use "phasing" technology, meaning there is more than one version, or phase, of the shared areas in the game: Metropolis and Gotham City, Police Stations and Night Clubs, The JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom, etc.. PvP and PvE players will have their own phases on the server, but they can switch from PvE to PvP and vice versa using the Phase Shifters in the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom.

  • Will I be able to enter the PvP Phase if I am a PvE player?

PvE players and PvP players will have separate phases on a MegaServer, however players who are interested in changing their status can use the Phase Shifters in the JLA Watchtower and the Hall of Doom.

  • Will my League Name be changed?

If there is a collision of a League name, we will first check for the number of active subscribers who are members, with the league having the most active players retaining the name. If there is more than one character on an account who is a member of the league this will still only count as one member or one account. In the case of a tie we will then sum up the aggregated amount of playtime for all characters active in the League and award the name to the League with the highest level. Any League affected by a name collision will be able to change its name using a League Name Change token sent to the League leader.

  • Will I still be able to play with my friends?

Yes! We have algorithms that will attempt to place you in the same phase as your friends and League members. Even if you end up in a different phase, you can almost always phase to your friends. Using the in-game social menu you can select “Phase With” from your Guild, Group, or Friends list. There will be some limitations on when you can phase based on whether you are in combat, in an Alert or Duo, versus other game play areas, as well as your PvP status. but I think you will find it is easy to get together with the folks you want to play with.

  • How will Queues work with MegaServers?

The Queues for Alerts, Raids, Duos and Arenas will select players from the entire server population across all phases. This should provide shorter queue times and get you into the action evenfaster.
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