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Hard Alert

Arkham Asylum Hard Alert

The asylum consists of four wings. Players need to talk to the inmates outside each wing to open it and they can do the first 3 in any order they wish. Its a hard alert with medium difficulty and should not be attempted without each person having ...
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Hard Alert

Ra's al Ghul Hard T2 Alert

Alright so I have done few of these with different groups to write up a little guide about it.1).The beginning part of this alert makes you fight 4 of the Ra's best assassins they are very strong and a good balanced team here is the key,the red gu...
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Hard Alert

Arkham Asylum Videos

Below you'll find the Arkham Asylum Hard Alert broken down to 4 videos. They should give you a good idea what to expect, even without a text commentary. We do plan to shoot videos of our own, and provide comprehensive walkthroughs for our members....
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