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ThunderBear / Aug 07, 2011
Tomorrow morning at 8am Pacific time DCUO servers will be going down for approximately 8 hours. During this time, Sony Online Entertainment will merge its DC Universe Online servers into what they are now calling Master Servers. These servers are reported to be running Update 4.

Monday evening at login, you'll be greeted by a new screen, perhaps requiring you to change your screename. Remember that even during server downtime, TEAM ORBIT officers are available through Ventrilo for assistance. We look forward to the new friends we will surely make.

UPDATE: The rollout will now take place over the course of this week, starting with the EU Servers. The downtime gamers will experience will range from 8 to 14 hours. For more info on how they plan to handle the changing of screenames, click HERE.
ThunderBear / Jul 18, 2011
Recently the team has been drawing some attention to its Guerilla FX Studio out here in Hollywood, California. One of the first guests was actor / comedian Eddie Griffin. As usual he was a delight to work with. During the shoot he went into an unscheduled shout-out to TEAM ORBIT:

For those of you wondering just what exactly TEAM ORBIT is, we've posted our history. It should give you a better idea of the experience behind our leadership, and some of the victories in our wake:

TEAM ORBIT also tends to appear in print. We posted an example of this, and it does offer a different view into the team, and its projects:

ThunderBear / Jul 14, 2011
SOE just announced that a new Dowloadable Content pack will be made available later this year for DCUO under the name Fight for the Light. the pack will include Light Powers, and is based on the Green Lantern.

Players will be able to create new heroes and villains to use the new power sets, but they can also choose to respec their existing characters to use the powers without having to level up a whole new character. Heroes will be able to channel the green power of will while villains will be equiped with the power of fear. Each set has 24 separate abilities for heroes and villains (for a total of 48).

The light powers differ from other powers already available in the game as players will be able to collect constructs, such as a chainsaw or light whip, which will act as their weapons. Every construct will have its own set of combos but players will also be able to seamlessly switch between the construct modes.

In addition three all new alerts will be added in which players can test their new-found powers.

  • The S.T.A.R Labs will pit players against Brainiac's logic battery which he has built to try to harness the Power Source behind the Lantern Corps' rings.
  • Coast City will have players battle their way to the home of Hal Jordan and the Sciencell Prison is the landscape for a prison break which heroes will try to prevent while villains try to assist the prisoners to break out.
New items will include a Green Lantern and Sinestro Core suit. Players can also unlock complete new iconic gear sets. The download price for this DLC will likely be $9.99.
ThunderBear / Jun 27, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment is rolling out the public beta of their DC Online Universe mega server technology. They are inviting the community to try it out. Here are the points they've made public so far:

  • The current content available includes Game Update 3 and the Megaserver technology.
  • All Live characters were copied in their current state last week.
  • We are doing some experimentation with Naming Conventions. A change to your name on the Test server may not necessarily indicate a collision on the Live servers.

Note: As stated above, this may include name changes for some of your characters. You may have questions on how they plan to do this. You'll find answers in this thread we posted some time back.

The link below will start the install process. It opens a DC Universe Online Launcher and begins the 13.4gb download. The installer can be launched on a separate PC, while playing on your master system. Some of us Dual-Box here at Team Orbit, and its proven to be a viable option.

Download: DCUO Mega Server Test Patcher
ThunderBear / Jun 22, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment just released some additional info concerning Update 4. Have a look:

  • Update 4 will put Brainiac in the Fortress of Solitude and force Superman to do something he may have never dreamed of doing before: team up with Zod and Lex Luthor to get Brainiac out of his Fortress. The new mission will have players facing off against Brainiac in a wave event which will take place directly in the Fortress of Solitude. The event will be targeted to those of level 30 and is in response to player feedback of wanting more Superman in their DCUO.

  • In addition to the epic battle, a new tier of iconic armor will make its way into the game as well as a new currency players can use to purchase even more upgrades. Marks of Krypton will be available through the mission and with those marks players will be able to choose from a wide variety of gear and upgrades.

  • If helping Superman isn't your thing, there will be more content for you to enjoy. Taking its popularity seriously, SOE will be introducing a new 4-man version of the Batman instance. Previously this content was only available as a raid in the game, so now smaller groups can enjoy it too. The 4-player version will obviously be less difficult and will have some variations to its raid counterpart, but the theme, map and overall story will remain intact in the "light" version.

Our sources maintain that Update 4 will also include Tier 3 Gear. This release is scheduled for sometime this summer, which we currently interpret to actually mean late August. Either way, there's some good gaming to look forward to.
ThunderBear / Jun 19, 2011
You may have noticed a new quest, ready to be completed at the bottom of your Journal. Clicking the complete button will reveal that DC Universe Online has given you an additional seven (7) Marks of Distinction, the kind we use to buy our Tier 2 gear.

So naturally, as the loud cries of "Woot!" echo throughout the Watchtower, we want to take a moment and congratulate Sony Online Entertainment, for demonstrating good form.