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Mega Server Beta

ThunderBear / Jun 27, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment is rolling out the public beta of their DC Online Universe mega server technology. They are inviting the community to try it out. Here are the points they've made public so far:

  • The current content available includes Game Update 3 and the Megaserver technology.
  • All Live characters were copied in their current state last week.
  • We are doing some experimentation with Naming Conventions. A change to your name on the Test server may not necessarily indicate a collision on the Live servers.

Note: As stated above, this may include name changes for some of your characters. You may have questions on how they plan to do this. You'll find answers in this thread we posted some time back.

The link below will start the install process. It opens a DC Universe Online Launcher and begins the 13.4gb download. The installer can be launched on a separate PC, while playing on your master system. Some of us Dual-Box here at Team Orbit, and its proven to be a viable option.

Download: DCUO Mega Server Test Patcher


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