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ThunderBear / Jun 09, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment was recently compromised through another web attack. The hacker group posted information claiming it had been taken from an SOE server. TEAM ORBIT almost ran that story last week, but decided to wait and see if DC Universe Online servers were going to go down. Fortunately, Sony's response was to release Update 3. We tip our collective hats to Sony, for weathering this most recent crisis in a heroic manner.

Unfortunately their HUD Alpha Slider is a weak effort that does not help with the making of machinima. Sony does not seem to understand that machinima videos drastically increase mmo communities, by providing free viral advertising, something SOE desperately needs right now.

TEAM ORBIT is fully capable of modding this game with impunity, and making it possible to shoot these videos with or without Sony's blessing. That being said, we are still dedicated the success of DCUO, and hope in earnest that Sony Online Entertainment will soon fill the gaps in their content.
ThunderBear / Jun 01, 2011
The TEAM ORBIT RAID CALENDAR has gone live. All of the events have their respective signup sheets, with comments enabled. An exception to this is the Graveyard Shift, which is a nightly recurring event.

  • Should an event be full, league members are able to sign up as stand-by in the event comments. These names are given preference in case of an absence among the reserved seats.
  • The default choice of a scheduled RAID is the Daily. This can however be substituted for a higher target. The new RAID choice would be based on the average gearscore, versus quality of drops.
  • General event start times may be adjusted to ensure that the majority of league members have an opportunity to run within the schedule.

Unscheduled RAIDS are a likely occurance. Members of TEAM ORBIT game from around the globe, and so one will always find others logged in, ready to play hard.
ThunderBear / May 26, 2011
A little known detail about Sony Online Entertainment's imminent update for DC Universe Online is the fact that it will finally add an Alpha Slider to your GUI Preferences, for making your HUD transparent.

As a result, TEAM ORBIT will begin to shoot videos for editing, and subsequent release to the community. Members that are interested in participating should contact a League Officer. Current plans include posting a Shooting Schedule in the Calendar, and a Sign-up Sheet in Forum.
ThunderBear / May 19, 2011
SOE just announced in their forums concerning an upcoming DLC for DC Universe Online:

A new Oolong Island Hard Mode Alert

  • Oolong Island is where paradise meets mad science, and is home to some of the most off the wall DC Comics characters like Chang Tzu and T.O. Morrow. With characters this over the top and the massive brainpower unleashed in such an unrestrained setting, destructive robotics are bound to ensue.

Featured Character: Ra's al Ghul

  • Who could resist sneaking in the back door of DC’s favorite international terrorist and assassin? This content is not for the weak though; the difficulty ramps up quickly and even experienced devs needed to pay close attention in our play tests in order not to wipeout in the first room. But hey, nobody said battling ninjas would be easy.

Two-Face Duo

  • This duo features some really compelling level design as players follow Harvey Dent aka Two-Face into The Penguin’s underground smuggling operation below the streets of Gotham City. Clayface makes a fantastic shape shifting appearance along the way that delivers on his character in a way we think the players will expect and appreciate. We really tried to capture The Penguin as a master criminal operating on a huge scale, but we still couldn’t resist the allure of robotic penguins – gotta love them!

Poison Ivy vs. Swamp Thing

  • Building on what we learned with past special events, this spring event pits two fan favorite characters in a battle that spans Gotham City. As Poison Ivy’s sinister plot unfolds tons of great combat action ensues, building on the game strengths in terms of action and iconic appeal.
ThunderBear / May 18, 2011
According to a discussion forum posting by Sony, the company has turned off its sign-in feature for, Qriocity, PlayStation blogs, forums and gaming websites as well as Music Unlimited on the Web. Midday Wednesday the company gave a vague description of what had happened.

"We temporarily took down the PSN and Qriocity password reset page," Sony spokesman Patrick Seybold said in a posting to its PlayStation blog. "In the process of resetting of passwords there was a URL exploit that we have subsequently fixed." Contrary to some reports, the site had not been hacked, Seybold said.

Sony didn't say exactly what it meant by "URL exploit," but their password reset page was configured so that anyone who knew their victim's e-mail address and birth date could take over that account.

Even so, expect the servers to be up again sometime later today.
ThunderBear / May 14, 2011
Today both Sony Online Entertainment and the Playstation Network came back online. Gamers launching DC Universe Online will notice immediately that they need to change their passwords. To collect your new swag, open your journal, scroll to the bottom of the list, and click to complete the Welcome Back Quest.

On a personal note, this means a great deal to myself and the other members of the team. We have been separated from our online friends, and look forward to seeing them again.

To members of TEAM ORBIT that are seeing this site for the first time, Welcome home.
ThunderBear / May 13, 2011
Sony Online Entertainment announced an augmented compensation plan for its game subscribers. SOE is now also promising gamers 30 Marks of Distinction when their servers go live. These marks are the gold ones, used to purchase DCUO Tier 2 gear.

Also as they previously promised, they are giving gamers a free month of game time, Batman inspired masks, and an additional day for every day their servers are down.