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League Policies
The Way We Roll

We believe that to stay competetive, we must constantly reinvent ourselves. Rigidity leaves one with little opportunity to evolve. You atrophy, and eventually in the case of a league, disband. Well, we didn't come here to lose. Our leadership has years of experience directing successful guilds throughout a variety of mmo's. You will find that we are both generous, and loyal to our members. The more you get to know us, the more you will realize just how true that statement is, and to what extent we will go for a teamate.

The following collection of policies should be considered a "living document", meaning it will change as we improve our operations. We are open to better ways of doing things, and invite member suggestions. Your ideas do have the potential to become practise, and to be added to our policies permanently.


Our guild (league) is in a current state of transition to DCUO. Naturally, some of our characters in this game are still leveling to their proper RAID status. Now that we near the completion of our site and infrastructure, our focus is shifting towards attracting other gamers who have played the game for some time.


While the following preferences may seem a bit extreme to some, it serves to help give a more unified impression of our league. There is after all, more to this game than soley RAIDing. We're also here to have fun, and in that spirit, the following request:

We dress in for the most part in Greyscale. There is of course a reason for this, the aforementioned implied solidarity among the members of our family. If you look good, we look good. Also we want you wearing the very best gear you can get your hands on under that style. A locked style will help keep your mind on your gear stats and not so much your appearance.

It is also good while out there grinding, and making a name for yourself, that you are recognized by sight as you accomplish your deeds. There are few exceptions to these preferences, but it does happen, due to limitations of the fashion's ability to be coloured. We manage these on a case by case basis.


To say that we expect our members to carry themselves well, is perhaps a gross understatement. We have a "common sense" code of honor that we like to adhere to. We expect to see this observed both on and off the battlefield. Some may find the following requirements impossible to comply with. We'll save you the embarrassment of failure, by offering fair warning right here:

- Respect your fellow guildies

Yes, the subtitle is self-explanatory. We do need to clarify the definition of what this means at Team Orbit. It means you monitor your language. In Guild Chat, Party Chat, and on Vent, no exceptions. Keep it "Pro" in there. We have a zero tolerance policy.

This extends to the way we address our female members. They expect to be treated respectfully. Any complaints of sexual harrassment will be addressed immediately. Not surprisingly this extends to the screenames, avatars and signatures you choose to represent yourself on our sites. They need to make you look like a Pro, and not make your teammates appear to be immature, or sexist.

We're all here to have a good time, and of course there are going to be moments where 'tongue in cheek' humor is appropriate. To walk among us, you need to be wise enough to understand when that time is.

If we're starting to sound like 'sticks in the mud' rest easy. We spend our days here laughing and having a great time. Our policies are simply designed to help establish and support a professional environment that all members can enjoy equally.

- Respect other gamers

These principles also extend to the way we carry ourselves outside of the company of Team Orbit. Always bear in mind that ingame our guild (league) name rests beneath yours, and therefore your actions speak loudly about the kind of operation we are running, and what kind of people we allow in. How will other gamers in general see you? as a bully? a cheat? or a seasoned pro who is spoken about as though he or she were a hero... the genuine article. Of course you know which of these we're looking for.

On the battlefield we love our PVP, but we do not attack those who are simply questing. Taking advantage of another while in a weakened state is a shameful practise, and not tolerated here. You should also know, that we have a habit of hunting down known bullies, and that we'll jump into an unfair fight on the side of the underdog every time. Come out on top of one of those, and you'll be noticed here. We even have a medal for that sort of behavior. Want to impress us? Win honorably.

- Respect yourself

Do not lie, cheat, or steal. Honor yourself by keeping your commitments. Sounds simple doesn't it? Its rewards are immense, and extend well beyond this game. To be able to look in the mirror, and feel good about yourself. Not because of what others may think of you, but because of what you know about yourself. We hope you will practise this during your time with us.


This section is not about the armor on your back, which of course you'll be replacing as you grow. Here we're referring to your PC and your Internet Connection. A weak system or connection can cause lag, resulting in a wipe, or worse. So please tend to your machines. We do of course understand that sometimes circumstances beyond our control can force an uncomfortable connection.


It should be obvious to some readers by now that TEAM ORBIT simply isn't for everyone. Our policies are unique in many ways, and for some too far beyond their norm to even attempt. We are not interested in them. Others however will look through these principles, and wonder where we've been all their lives. We're hoping to find these like minded champions.



If you'd like to join us here at TEAM ORBIT, just send an ingame tell to any of our members, and one of our Officers will contact you for an interview.